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Surfing in San Diego
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Bright colors and vitality blend to create a champion's lifestyle. To those familiar with the surfing world, Mike Doyle is a living legend. In 1964 and 1965, he was voted Best Surfer by Surfer Magazine's reader poll. In 1969, he won the Duke Kahanamoku Classic, and finished first at the 1970 World Championships in Peru.
Mike enjoys a lifestyle that ten year old boys dream about. A successful Robinson Crusoe, Mike is a healthy super-athlete with a clear mind and a deep appreciation for nature and the elements. Mike has surfed religiously for the last 42 years. True to his nature, he's presently building a new tree-house to sleep in. When people question, "When are you going to grow up?" he considers it verification that his perfect lifestyle is still intact.
doyle1Mike has held the marketing director position at San Jose del Cabo's Pamilla resort for the last seven years. A recent leave of absence is allowing him more time to pursue his surfing, water sports and fine art. His motto of "surf to live and live to surf" has taken on a more substantial meaning.
Subjects indigenous to the Baja: fisherman, old skulls, cacti, the ocean, desert scapes, snakes and lizards fill his paintings, reflecting his appreciation of peaceful daily life in Mexico.

doyle2He loves bright colors. Cabos' crystal clear skies provide inspiration for his bright, impressionistic art. For Mike, his art has provided him another outlet for his creativity. "I feel it's something you can only get better at. Everything else I do, surfing, or golfing, may go downhill as I grow older. From a physical perspective, my painting won't be affected by slowing reflexes, and as I accumulate more experiences over time, that wisdom will show through in my work."

 tunasm"A well-respected art critic once called me a Primitivist. I think that's an appropriate term for my art. I use my intuition and create spontaneously. Sometimes a mistake will become my theme and the painting flows from there. It's similar to a jazz musician moving into another phrase and spontaneously creating as he improvises. Also, the very atmosphere of being at land's end keeps me energized and able to create."

His autobiography, Morning Glass , is a book about a talented young man fortunate to have been part of the dynamic early beginnings of California surfing in the 60's. It's full of outrageous adventures, soul searching moments, history and downright good clean fun. It chronicles invention, spiritual growth, and the forces that brought him to Cabo; the ocean and an unquenchable thirst for clean, healthy living. Mike’s book is a must-read for armchair adventurers and fans of the era and the sport of surfing.
(Excerpts from BAJA LIFE Spring 1994 - Rick Goddard)

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